Galerie hlavního města Prahy


would you or your company like to support fine arts?


become main partners of our forthcoming exhibitions!


we offer full-value presentation of your company, tailored to your requirements and mutual agreement.


for more information, please contact

Barbora Gallová
PR and marketing specialist
+420 725 033 193 >

our sponsors are offered

—presentation via your company's own promotion materials (leaflets, brochures, programmes, banners, roll-ups, returned copies) in all Prague City Gallery spaces
















—presentation of your company via a spot / jingle on the gallery website and facebook

—appearance of your company representative at the opening / press conference

—acknowledgment to a company in the corresponding catalogue and at the opening / press conference

—incorporation of your company logo in all promotion materials accompanying an exhibition:

—situating your company banner on the gallery website

—providing tickets to the gallery exhibitions to your company employees and/or partners

—providing exclusive tours of exhibitions to your company guests and representatives

—providing a discount for the renting of Prague City Gallery commercial spaces (concert hall and cellar in the Stone Bell House or the spaces of Troja Château which are frequently used for company conferences, receptions, dinners and other social events.


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