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Michal Drozen: Start up End down

Michal Drozen, Spolu na chodbě, 2014
from: 13. 2. 2015
to: 12. 4. 2015
The Golden Ring House

from: 13. 2. 2015
to: 12. 4. 2015
The Golden Ring House

Tue-Sun 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Monika Doležalová



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The fifth edition of the project Start up will introduce works by five up-and-coming young artists, along with information about the studios where they have studied. The individual shows will be accompanied by a number of supplementary programmes supervised by the participating artists and/or their teachers, a video shown at the exhibition, and a 16-page magazine FILES in the limited edition of 200 pieces. See also the new Start up web pages on: >


Growing up in one of Prague’s housing developments, somewhere like the city’s Southwestern District, entails two existential options: namely, either you acquire a certain affinity for this type of residence in a concrete block of flats, or you do your utmost to pack up and leave as soon as possible; which, of course, fails to mention the variant where you have no real choice. In the case of Michal Drozen, an affinity for life in a housing development has evolved into a sentiment quite close to love. Recently in fact, he even found himself a studio in a concrete block of flats in the quarter of Žižkov, overlooking more such blocks, a fact that has since projected into a number of Michal’s drawings faithfully copying the uniform facades of houses across the street.

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