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• Lovers, Stone Blossom and Sitting Girl – currently in the public space


We have finished the restoration of the sculpture Milenci (Lovers) by Miroslav Jirava from 1966, which was moved this spring to a new place in the renovated park in the U Kněžské Louky Street. The restored artwork becomes the central point of the new public space, which corresponds to its artistic value and aesthetic quality.


The Stone Blossom

In mid-August, we finished the restoration of the abstract sculpture Kamenný květ (The Stone Blossom), made by Zdena Fibichová in 1971. During the restoration, the sculpture was generally cleaned, and the low circular pedestal clad in stone was repaired and completed.


The Sitting Girl

Currently the restoration of the sculpture Sedící dívka (The Sitting Girl) is in progress. The sculpture was made by Lubomír Růžička, and installed at the Kamýk Housing Estate in 1984. The restoration will finish until the end of August.


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