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• CirculUM 2020

July 28 – October 28, 2020


Prague City Gallery art and research sites in the following locations
Komořany, Ládví, Satalice, Trojmezí, Dolní Počernice and Motol


project curator
Marie Foltýnová


The project was developed in cooperation with the tansdisciplinary platform >


Transient site-specific artworks, installations in selected areas in the former villages that became parts of Prague in the 20th century. In cooperation with the transdisciplinary platform >, the Prague City Gallery made an open call for proposals of temporary art interventions in four locations in the outskirts of Prague, a call for students, and a competition.


58 projects were submitted by artists and architects, of which the jury selected a dozen which will be installed in the aforementioned areas until the end of October. The “new residents” of the Prague fringes will include, for example, painters Conrad Amstrong and Viktor Valášek, urbanist Ida Chuchlíková, this year’s finalist of Jindřich Chalupecký Award Marie Tučková, architectural group M. A. K!, or audiovisual artist Michal Kindernay. The projects were selected by the committee that greatly emphasized the work with context, and the approach to the “art research”. The whole project is symbolized by mobile container houses used as the research sites for the artists – studios, workshops, or observation posts where they can work creatively, and turn their ideas into reality.


The key topic of the project, called CirculUM 2020, is the creative work with a certain location on the verge of a city and landscape, in the context of urbanistic, natural and social relations. All installations will be visited by the UMbus – a special bus line for the public, offering expert presentations and explanations of the authors and the curators.


An important part of the CirculUM project will also feature ongoing records made by the authors on their stay in the locations; they will be published on the blogging site >, and also reprinted in the catalogue of the whole program UM2020. The blogging sites will also feature current photos of the works in progress, and other outputs of the authors’ research. The project will also be captured in the documentary movie and in the radio series broadcast by ČRo Vltava. Until October, you can also take part in accompanying events for the public, such as workshops. For detailed information on the program, visit the following pages: > >



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