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• Discussion on the exhibition “Carnations and Velvet”

30 April 2019
7 p.m.


Knihovna Václava Havla/Václav Havel Library, Ostrovní 13, Prague 1




hosted by
Jakub Železný


Monika Pajerová
Martin Mejstřík
Álvaro Beleza 
​Diogo Cabrita 
António Tavares 
José Campelo 
José Viegas 
Paolo Barros Vale



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Photo: Monika Pajerová, Velvet revolution. Credit ČTK/Hajský Libor


A meeting with Portuguese guests who as young students came to support the democratization of Czechoslovakia in December 1989. In a discussion together with student activists from the time of the Velvet Revolution, they will reminisce about the rally on Národní Street, where the Portuguese handed 50,000 roses to the assembled people. Respect will be paid to Václav Havel, whom the Portuguese met during their stay and through whom Havel invited the Portuguese President Mário Soares to his inauguration. 

The discussion will be attended by Álvaro Beleza, Diogo Cabrita, António Tavares, José Campelo, José Viegas, Paolo Barros Vale; the Czechs will be represented by Monika Pajerová and Martin Mejstřík. 

The discussion is organized on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition “Carnations and Velvet / Art and Revolution in Portugal and Czechoslovakia 1968–1974–1989” in the Municipal Library in Prague. 

The evening will be attended by the Ambassador of Portugal to the Czech Repbublic, Manuela Franco, and the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Portugal, Petr Šelepa.