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Bedřich Dlouhý – Moje gusto / What I Like

Bedřich Dlouhý – Moje gusto / What I Like

Mahulena Nešlehová

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Price: 720 CZK

Publisher: Prague City Gallery (GHMP)
Year of publication: 2019
Range: 137
Language: in Czech, in English
ISBN: 978-80-7010-155-1

Translated by: Adrian Dean

Pre-press preparation of photographs: Jan Bouček

Language Editor: Pavlína Klazarová

Graphic Design: Zdeněk Ziegler


Exhibition catalogue Bedřich Dlouhý – What I like > is published in a graphic design of Zdeněk Ziegler in Czech and English versions. It contains a text by the author of the exhibition Mahulena Nešlehová entitled “Unlimited freedom of creation”, which deals with the exhibited works and at the same time grasps the development of the artist’s work from the beginning of his creative activities in the Šmidras group to the present. The study is accompanied by a rich selection of images of the present works: graphics, paintings, objects and assemblages. It is followed by Dlouhý’s aptly “Contribution to Discussion”, which he presented at the symposium “The Form and Purpose of Painting in Contemporary Art” organized in 1994 by the Academy of Fine Arts. The catalogue is enriched by an overview of the artist’s biographical data, accompanied by a selection of his personal photographs, shots from exhibitions and from quid activities, as well as from several dada events of the Palette of Homeland, of which Dlouhý was the first president. The catalog includes 140 pages and 110 colour and black and white reproductions.