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Luboš Fidler / Veronika Svobodová

17. 9. 2019(19:00)

Stone Bell House

17. 9. 2019

Stone Bell House

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Luboš Fidler
Veronika Svobodová


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Luboš Fidler (1951) is one of the most important figures on the Czech alternative music, audio and art scene. He cofounded the groups Stehlík and Švehlík and played in Kilhets and Amalgam. During the 1980s, as part of the ensemble Pestrá kráva and later in Vyšší Populár he began creating and using sound objects (e.g. the Fidlerophone). At that time he also played bass guitar with the trio Janota – Fidler – Richter and MCH Band. He exhibited more extensive sound installations (Excited Aluminium, Light Score, Birds) at site-specific symposia in different locations in Rosenheim, Germany, and the symposium Hermit in Plasy. Along with Oldřich Janota and Štěpán Pečírka, as Společenství PAN he prepared a complex acoustic mapping performance (Dům umění Opava, the former Šternberk Monstery, Letohrádek Ostrov). In 2000, he began to participate on interactive exhibition projects prepared by Petr Nikl (Hnízda her, Orbis pictus, Play, Labyrint světla). In 2012, along with Zdeněk Konopásek, he founded the duo Noční pták with its permanent guest Štěpán Pečírka, in which he uses the sound objects Roletophone and Péro. He exhibited the interactive installation Singing Rods at the festival of sound art vs. Interpretation (Prague 2016). His latest project is called LAMA, in which Fidler on acoustic guitar and his son Matěj on hangdrum play harmonic-melodic improvised music. He lives and works in Albeř. >


Veronika Svobodová: Ror-bu 
Ror-bu is a sonic reminiscence of time spent in the Kråkeslottet fishing lodge on the coast of the Norwegian island of Senja. In Norwegian the word “bu” can be both a sharp interjection and a space for storing junk. Ror-bu is also a place for living and relaxing. In Ror-bu we hear field recordings accompanied by two sound machines. Delicate eruptions and hazy noises are released by a simple mechanism of slate boards, sand, stones, electronics and contact microphones.

Veronika Svobodová’s approach to sound reveals her links to theatre design, installation and performance. She studied at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She combines space, time and situation in her work. Not only the sound itself is important, but also the way it is created in situ. This will often involve an immediate response to the specific place in the landscape or architecture.


The accompanying programme SONIC CIRCUITS to the exhibition Sounds, Codes, Images: Acoustic Experimentation in the Visual Artscomprises a series of performances and events that take place in the lecture hall of the Stone Bell House, the Colloredo-Mansfeld ballet hall, and in public space. The programme offers visitors a unique opportunity to get familiar with the multifaceted work of Czech and foreign artists, some of whom work with sound within the context of visual arts, while others examine sound as a theme within space-time, mathematical, performative, environmental or social contexts. SONIC CIRCUITS is an examination of the current sound art scene in the Czech Republic, as well as a chance to check out sound and audiovisual art on an international level.