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Aliens and Herons with GHMP – guided tour with Pavel Karous (cs)

Magdalena Jetelová, Superplastic (unfinished), 1981, land art, Jižní Město – Central Park

25. 4. 2020(2 p.m.)

Prague – Jižní Město

25. 4. 2020
2 p.m.

Prague – Jižní Město



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+420 725 811 936 
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+420 606 612 987


accompanied by
Pavel Karous


meeting point 
vestibule of Roztyly metro station


Prague – Jižní Město
Aliens and Herons with GHMP – guided tours of selected objects from the set of public sculpture with sculptor Pavel Karous – author of the project “Aliens and Herons”

On Saturday, April 25, there will be a walk to art artefacts from the time of real socialism in the Southern City (Jižní Město). The meeting is this time at 14:00 in the lobby of the metro station Roztyly.

Planned walk time 4 hours.

Guided tours are free. We are looking forward to you.