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Roi Vaara: Grounding

from: 24. 9. 2019
to: 24. 9. 2019
Old Town, public spaces

24. 9. 2019

Old Town, public spaces

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Roi Vaara



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The building is not barrier-free.

A site and situation specific performance Grounding is based on interdisciplinary approach and on integration of various matters formally in a simple way. It is an artistic ritual-like performance where a brand new musical instrument is sacrificed as it's been played. The performer in black suit walks in a ceremonially slow pace. He drags a guitar amp on hand truck followed by an iconic electric guitar, Fender Stratocaster, sliding along the ground a few meters behind. Its strings facing the ground are played by the surface of the ground. The laud amplified sound varies on every step. It is calling people to join the procession. At the end of the performance the guitar is worn out.
Roi Vaara (1953) is a Finnish performer, sound and visual artist. He studied at the School of Art and Design (now Aalto University) in Helsinki and at Jyväskylä University. He lives and works in Helsinki and Budapest He is well known internationally in the sphere of performance, though his background is fine art and sound improvisation. He has been involved in performance since 1978. Since 1988 he has been a member of the Black Market International. He has undertaken hundreds of experimental performances and participated at international exhibitions and festivals around the world. He is one of the founders of MUUry (1987), the association for interdisciplinary art in Finland. He writes about art and is a visiting lecturer at many universities and art schools around the world. He has also curated and organised many art programmes.
The accompanying programme SONIC CIRCUITS to the exhibition Sounds, Codes, Images: Acoustic Experimentation in the Visual Artscomprises a series of performances and events that take place in the lecture hall of the Stone Bell House, the Colloredo-Mansfeld ballet hall, and in public space. The programme offers visitors a unique opportunity to get familiar with the multifaceted work of Czech and foreign artists, some of whom work with sound within the context of visual arts, while others examine sound as a theme within space-time, mathematical, performative, environmental or social contexts. SONIC CIRCUITS is an examination of the current sound art scene in the Czech Republic, as well as a chance to check out sound and audiovisual art on an international level.