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The format of the Start up cycle represents Prague City Galleryʼs contribution to mapping out the youngest generation of artists in the Czech lands. It became a respected undertaking under the curatorship of Monika Doležalová, although it has been mainly followed by the public which moves in more or less alternative circles of art traffic. Our “bricks and mortar” institution willingly surpasses the usual scope of its activity and thus, among other things, aims at steering its traditional public towards perceiving contemporary artistic thinking which often employs uncommon methods, and also at attracting the attention of the young generation to other exhibition activities. This has become traditional for the Gallery – first, it organized the Biennale of the Young in Zvon (from 1994) and, from 2009, has been presenting the outstanding personalities of “artistic young blood” every two months. 

This fusion of views of fine arts, which keeps attracting an increasing number of both its actors and viewers even despite various sceptical prognoses, is a useful and effective tool promoting an exchange of opinions among various generations and mutual understanding between established artists and the youngest artistic generation, as well as between the various groups of their fans.

In 2013, the project was moved to the Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace where it entered a richly structured environment offering an array of subjects – a sightseeing tour of the uniquely surviving Baroque wing of the palace where minor interventions of the invited artists can be traced, and the adjacent reconstructed part of the 3rd floor, hosting traditional monograph exhibitions of contemporary artists. The inspiring tension between the past and present thus remained preserved.

The multifunctional character of the palace inspired the curator to more complex presentations of the youngest artistic generation, and the particular exhibitions thus received graphic visual accompaniment executed by the contemporaries of the exhibiting students and beginning artists and are accompanied by a music programme performed by musicians of the same generation. Yet more roles are, to varying extents, played by young art theoreticians and curators. It has become a commonplace fact that the boundaries among particular artistic disciplines are increasingly drawing nearer to each other or, even, freely fuse, and therefore events where all these endeavours will melt into a single whole, can also be expected.