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The Reunion of Poetry and Philosophy

Zhang Xiaogang, Black Sofa / 黑沙发, 2016, oil on canvas, 120×150 cm
from: 7. 2. 2018
to: 13. 5. 2018
Stone Bell House

from: 7. 2. 2018
to: 13. 5. 2018
Stone Bell House, Old Town Square 605/13, Prague 1

Tue-Sun 10 a.m.–8 p.m.


Lü Peng


full: 120 CZK
reduced: 60 CZK



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The building is not barrier-free.

The exhibition will present two Chinese artists, Zhang Xiaogang and Wang Guangyi, who are now part of the international art scene. They emerged in the 1980s when independent Chinese art was formed in unofficial circles in several epicenters based on fragmentary information from scarcely available materials on Western art. Lü Peng, who is the author of a synthetic work on contemporary Chinese art and a theorist dealing with several generations of Chinese artists, conceived of this exhibition as a juxtaposition of two lines that characterize the local development of visual thought. One of them draws from poetic and literary sources, and the other mainly from philosophical and socio-critical theses. In the work of both exhibiting artists, these lines will be represented by their current art, inspired to the large extent by the spiritual atmosphere of Prague.

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